BioSmart™ IS

  • BioSmart | Atlanta Star Plumbing | Atlanta GADeveloped in partnership with the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment.
  • Dual Product: Drain line and Septic maintenance product.
  • 100% live, beneficial bacteria.
  • Chemical free.
  • Patented formulation.
  • The only proven formulation to fully degrade fats, oils, greases and stubborn organic gunk.
  • Performance ready! No mixing involved, Just Pour and Go!
  • P-Friendly: Safe for people, pipes, pets & the planet.

BioSmart™ IS NOT

  • It is not a caustic chemical. It will not harm your pipes or septic tank.
  • It is not an enzyme, soap or surfactant.
  • It is not a drain unclogger.
  • It does not eliminate the need to have the septic tank pumped. Products that claim you will never have to pump your septic tank are inaccurate statements.
  • BioSmart™ is not available in stores!